Sing to Change – the Documentary – Debuts This Week

“Sing to Change” documentary debuts.
Get insight into this groundbreaking, ocean spanning project.

Starting in November 2023, children from both sides of the Atlantic, in Boston, Lincolnshire UK and Boston, Massachusetts US, were busy rehearsing a moving performance of the song ‘Change’ by eco-musician Dane Myers. These performances, which were turned into a music video, are aimed to inspire other  children and youth choirs from across the globe to continue the discussions  amongst young people about climate issues and the urgency for change.

The documentary gives voice to the children involved; scientists interviewed for the project; and some background on how it grew from a pandemic song into an ocean spanning project with hundreds of school children. As touching as the music video is, this documentary is a moving record of creating art and community through Sing to Change. Enjoy the sweet moments with the children, and the goosebumps of the kids watching the debut together, more than 3,000 miles apart.

The music video was released worldwide on Friday 22 March 2024 (World Water  Day), and the documentary following the process of the project, from rehearsals  to the launch of the music video, will be released on

Wednesday 5 June 2024 at 14:00 BST / 09:00 EST (World Environment Day) on the Sing to Change YouTube channel

Project Lead, Elenor Bowers-Jolley, the Creative Director of the Come and Sing  Company in Norwich, said,

“This project has been an absolute joy to be part of  from start to finish and I am thrilled that the whole world now gets the  opportunity to see how it all began, developed, and grew and grew into the  wonderful ‘beast’ that it is today! But this isn’t the end of it for us – we need to  continue having these important discussions with our young people, so we’re  already discussing Sing to Change 2.0 and the ideas are developing, so watch this  space!” 

Boston to Boston

The two Bostons share more than just a name, with both areas having been  affected by heavy rainfall and flooding in recent years. According to data  published by the Environment Agency in 2022, Boston/Lincolnshire has the  highest percentage of properties at risk of flooding in England, and the sea levels  of Boston/Massachusetts are predicted to rise by three feet or more by the end of  the century. 

The music video and documentary about its making were created by Scruffy Bear Media, helmed by Darren Cook (director) and Nicky Hagan (producer).

For more information on the project, which is supported by the Arts Council  through a National Lottery Project Grant, visit Sing to Change, where  scores and arrangements of the song and educational resources are available to  download for free via an online request form.

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Kids know that the world is on fire. Sing to Change is a chance for students in Boston, US, and Boston, UK, to sing to the people in their community, and in power, Dane Myers’ song CHANGE, about needing to fix the world. The music video was released in March. The making of… debuts June 5th here.


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