Founding Contributors

Discover the music from artists who pledged support to write and submit their music when SeaUsRise was just a concept. We thank these talented artists for supporting our vision in its infancy.

  1. How Many Hands The Accidentals 3:29
  2. Oh, Cassandra Bill Downe 2:52
  3. Headstone in Atlantis Lee Ahlin 3:21
  4. In It for the Long Run Bill Downe 3:10
  5. It's Getting Hot Out Here Lee Ahlin 3:21


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Kids know that the world is on fire. Sing to Change is a chance for students in Boston, US, and Boston, UK, to sing to the people in their community, and in power, Dane Myers’ song CHANGE, about needing to fix the world. The music video was released in March. The making of… debuts June 5th here.


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  1. The Greta Thunberg Song (Master) /user/oli+frost/ 2:18
  2. Jazz on the Autobahn The Felice Brothers 4:32
  3. CHANGE 3:08
  4. Enough is Enough Karine Polwart, Oi Musica & The Soundhouse Choir 6:56
  5. Sara Elise - The Waves /sara+and+elise/ 3:05
  6. Waste the+accidentals 3:50